How to choose the Useful toy for your Kids

Most parents put a lot of thought into choosing the right toys for their children. It seems that some people just wing it and get everything right, while others seem to stress over decisions and feel angst over them. The fact that some kids are easier to buy for certainly helps, and there are plenty of suggestions around, but is there an easier way to do it? Probably not. I have always tried to follow my own guidelines of what they want, what I choose, and what I add to it.  Kids are generally drooling over the latest fad product or cool, hot toy on the market. We don't go overboard, but I enjoy getting something from their list that I wouldn't choose myself. Seeing them unwrap the bestest ever present they could ever have wanted fills me with excitement and joy. You should cherish the item even if it will be forgotten a few months from now or relegated to playdate stories. They may not be able to afford it, but it is certainly something they long for. Something to add to is easy, its usually an add on for something they already have. In the younger years that was things like animal collections, train sets, doll clothes for a doll or even adding to the SIKU collection. Something I choose is a little subjective, but usually represents something I liked and was happy to see all over the floor, something I knew I would enjoy using or playing with them so more likely to get used, or something that I thought they wouldn't pick but would actually enjoy. Lastly, something educational. For us this has always been games or puzzles and educational activities.


9/19/20231 min read

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